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I make music for kids! I play regularly at Madison Street Books and Time Out Market in Chicago's West Loop. You can sometimes find me at the Northfield Library, as well as occasional Livestream Jams from my home in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the far north side of Chicago. I'm also available to play for birthday parties, schools, and the like. Please check my Booking page for information.
I've always had music in my life! I'm an only child, and my mom's car didn't have a radio, so we would sing together on car trips, and she taught me how to harmonize before I could read. I've always been a singer, and I've played the organ, the viola, the alto saxophone, and now the ukulele and the guitar.

I started doing Toddler Jams at the Common Cup Cafe in Rogers Park about six months after I learned to play the guitar. It combined my love of music, my love of children, and my rudimentary knowledge of approximately five guitar chords. Now, nine years and countless new chords later, children are dancing and singing along to songs I've written! 

In response to some of my young fans saying, "I love Miss Dawn-Marie, but I'm not a toddler anymore," and in order to appeal to a larger age range of children, I changed the name of my Toddler Jams to Dawn-Marie Rocks. 

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